I Changed the Future

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I changed the future and so can you. We can make it more like we desire, and help others also in the process. We create our own reality with our thoughts and our actions. Many of us have heard that we are what we think. But can we change the future? When I told my friend that I had changed the future, he thought I had really lost it! So I told him what I did.

Everything we do affects not only our Now, but it also has a potential effect on our future. Sometimes I like to go for walks, and we have a little dirt alley by where I am staying, so on this beautiful day I decided to go for a relaxing stroll along it. As I walked, I looked at the many stones, insects, and the many little things we can see along our path. Then I noticed a nail and I picked it up because I didn't want anyone to get a tire punctured if they drove on it. And who knows, that someone could be me.

As I continued walking along, I picked up numerous nails, screws, and other small metal objects that could potentially puncture a tire. As I arrived back at the house, I figured I would go in and throw them in the trash, but I decided to show my friend first. And then I got a glimpse of the wonderful truth Spirit taught me about what I had done.

Everyone has potential paths in their future, and the ones they will walk depend on the choices they make. I understood then that because I had picked up all the nails and other things that could cause someone to have a flat tire, I had changed someone's future. Where before one potential path if they drove down this alley may have given them a flat tire. Now that potential path had been eliminated. I had changed the future!

I rejoiced when I had this realization. What a joy that even though the person may never know what I had done, still, it may have had a good impact on their future, or maybe on my own.

Every choice we make and every action we take has the potential of changing the future. Let's pray that the impact our choices and actions have is positive. Our Lord will be pleased.

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I Changed the Future

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This article was published on 2010/03/28