The Future of Money

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The future will hold many things for us. Some will hold wealth, family and hope, and others will hold death, conflictions and justice. However this article will go in detail of the bigger aspect of the future, which is money. The future of money will be no different than today.

Money will always be the same, to hold its attributes of stability and value. The only thing that will change dramatically is the way individuals earn or make their money. The source of money will be different, and the change has already begun, by many people worldwide already using the source which will define the future of money, THE INTERNET.

The internet will be the future of money, with today more opportunities available on the net than you can count on your hands, it will be definitely the biggest source to generate income. These days' people who are working full time are taking up the online business as a part time, maybe 2 hours a day. This is because they have risen above the potential this can offer them. Already people are using technology, the computer, and the internet as a means to earn a living. Does that not give away the future implication on the way we will live, earn? Indeed.

So people today, not knowing a lot about information in text books, or any factual things in general in other word not very educated are making millions on the internet.

What will happen in the future if this continues? Another example of the future of money can be that, today there are very young individuals, age 16 earning six figures online, and even younger age 13 earning $500 at least every month, does this mean that in the future there will be no age restrictions for jobs, business, and in general everything?, thus the internet being the root of the future of money

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The Future of Money

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This article was published on 2010/03/31